Unit 4: Wall-E directed by Andrew Stanton

Ok... so the exams are looming and you are starting to worry about exams so after today's lesson I have written an exemplar essay and posted the powerpoint here too.

Don't forget what needs to be in each of your paragraphs... SEE You can also look below for the essays you had a go at for Jericho Walls :)

These are some of the other documents we have used to study Wall-E in case you have lost them...

Unit 3: Jericho Walls

Key Quotes:

  • “we both pulled away like we’d touched a hot cinder”
  • “Looking like a fool only smarts for a while and that true friends will like you for who you are”
  • “If we’re gonna get anywhere, we gotta work harder and be smarter than other folks…there’s a whole world of things that need fixin”
  • “You are so concerned about what they think that you are forgetting what you think.”
  • I’d drunk out of the same thermos as Lucas Jefferson. But nothing bad happened. Fire hadn’t rained down from heaven, my skin hadn’t broken out in hives… it was just me and Lucas, things seemed regular, almost like our different colours didn’t matter.”
  • “It’ll take a lot to bring that fence down…It’ll take blood and tears”
  • “there aint such thing as separate but equal. Never was an’ never will be”.
  • “Sometimes it’s better for everyone to just do things the way they’ve always been done. No need to go off half-cocked trying to change the world. Especially when the world doesn’t want changing”
  • “why is it so important to folks that Negroes stay separate? I was thinking of the water fountains, and the library, and the fence around the Quarters”
  • “At the end of the day a body’s got to be able to look at himself in the mirror. If a man don’t have that, he don’t have nothin’ at all”
  • “Does he always just copy? Does he ever sing his own song?”
  • “This wasn’t my fight…but Lucas was my friend”
  • “A section of the fence had cracked and toppled to the ground. Lucas and I sat in a pile of splintered wood and snarls or barbed wire…around me and Lucas, all that remained was rubble”
  • “I thought as we walked, that life must be like the mockingbird’s song – mostly just mimicking the notes and rhythms of other folks…until the day you make up your very own song and decide that’s the one you have to sing”

Duel in the Dark- Gilbert Wright (cool last name huh?)

Here is a link to the prezi used in class:
Mrs Wright's Duel in the Dark Prezi

Courage: Unit 1

There are many examples we can give of courageous people- in fact, you may even know someone- who have "felt the fear and done it anyway" or shown heart or commitment in facing a challenge. In this unit we will look not only the fictionalised super-heroes of today's media but also the everyday hereos who dive into the water or a burning building or similar to rescue a stranger, as well as the unsung heroes- our Police, Firemen, Armed Forces, the grandparents that look after their grandchildren...the list goes on.

Year 9 English:

Here are some tips for the year:
Try and stay on top of your reading- if everyone has read a text it makes for better discussion and better learning.
No opinion or interpretation is wrong if you can back up your ideas with examples from the text.
Editing is important- try reading your work aloud or having someone else read you work.
If you are doing group activities put yourself in groups you feel you can work in- this does not mean with your friends, make smart choices- who will help you get the work done?

Creating a wikipage like this one for group projects can be a great way of ensuring all work is kept in one place. (Yours will, of course, be a lot better looking than mine!) You can use the project function for each of your school projects and add the members of your team to the page if they are also wikipage members. Having a space such as a wikipage will allow you to add documents, store them, access and print them from anywhere- thus no leaving important work at home. If you are considering a wikipage remember to sign-up for an 'education' page or you will have to pay.

If you decide that you prefer to purchase your books and read them on your device or an e-reader then make sure you have an annotation function or program then you can take notes as you read (this is really helpful when you come to study as you will still have your book and your thoughts/feelings/predictions/connections all in one place). PLEASE do not think that you have to buy texts or programmes or an e-reader this is a personal choice.

Lost those language feature- parts of speech- cards? Here they are for you to print off.

Not a cue card person? Try this:

Language- Parts/Figures of Speech and Syntax

Want something quick on syntax/ sentence types: try this link: http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/sensort/index_pre.html

So... that Grammar and syntax CAT is coming up... have you studied? Do you know what you are doing? Below is a link that will take you to some games and resources you will find helpful as you study for your test. Good Luck!

Junior English CAT revision


external image msword.png Topic Sentence.doc

Hamburger combos:

external image msword.png Hamburger.doc
Essay terms:
external image msword.png Essay Terms.doc
Essay Writing: Essay writing is one of the skills that many of us struggle with. Below are some notes to help you think about your essays and and an annotated exemplar.

external image msword.png Essay writing template al levels.doc

Advice for Exams!

1. Always read the exam cover and questions carefully. 2. Use the space provided to plan carefully. 3. Refer back to the question in the body of your essay. 4. Use quotes from the text studied. 5. Know your language and poetic devices so that you can talk about the author's style. 6. Re-read your exam papers and the comments made- look at how you can improve.

Your course this year:

Extended texts:
Jericho Walls
Mid Summer Night's Dream (if time allows
Short Texts:
Poetry and/or
Short Stories
Below are some handy sheets for studying film- each one deals with a different aspect of the techniques used in film creation:
external image msword.png Film Techiques-Editing.doc external image msword.png Film Techniques-Camera shots:angles.doc external image msword.png Film Techniques-composition.doc external image msword.png Film techniques.doc You are also welcome to come into the classroom and copy the sheets you created that are on the wall.