Year 12 English Extension:

This year is a pretty full on one so hold on to your hats and let's get started... Please use the discussion board to talk about the texts you are studying... sometimes the questions we want to ask don't get asked simply because we feel silly- type it you do not have to give a name! I will however be monitoring the board at certain stages for reports.

Iron Jawed Angels:

2.4: Film Review:

Below are reviews that you will need to download and read- they will help you participate in discussion about film review and complete the task we are going to draft.


WW1 Poetry (Cambride selection plus others)
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Short Stories (Cambridge selection plus others)


Remember when you are reviewing poetry and short stories for your exams that the skills you learnt here are the same skills you will need for Unfamiliar Text. Look at what is said on the lines, beyond the lines, the theme, the techniques used THEN think about the intended purpose, the author's intention and the effect of the images, themes and features.

Lets get started:

Charge of the Light Brigade: Now I know that you may have looked at this poem last year as part of your GCSE but lets have a quick revision of the poem for those that haven't. We are looking at this poem as it is well-known and expresses the sentiments of many about war. As we move through this unit consider the differences between pro and anti-war poetry, the voices of the poets, the differences in the images used...

Charge Resources-Analysis


WW1 Resources

Click on the link above and you will find my edcanvas- a set of connections to resources that you may find helpful.

Dulce et Decorum Est: Below are some extra notes on the poem to help cement your knowledge further- complete these for homework.

The Sentry:

Your worksheet

Mrs Wright's notes


Wilfred Owen and Jessie Pope:

Group presentations on War Poetry:

Day One:

Day Two:

A Thousand Splendid Suns:

You have been given an assignment that will allow you to explore not only the setting of Afghanistan but also to track the history of the nation as characters work their way through differing political rules and explore some of the issues that the texts raises.

Many of you chose to research around the level of education women within Afghanistan have access to- you will see this issue is an issue for Laila in the novel.

Below is the link to the prezi we are moving through in class- it is a work in progress developing as our study does.

1,000 Splendid Suns Prezi

To date we have looked at chapters 1-5. We discussed the impact of Mariam's story, the relationships she has with her mother and father and the lesson Mariam has been taught by her mother: ENDURE.

Short Stories:

The Yellow Wallpaper



[[file:Film Techniques-Camera shots:angles.doc]]

NCEA Assessment:
Examples and assessment details are available on:

Helpful hints:
Sit with people that you can work with and not be distracted- your full attention is needed to obtain the marks you deserve.
When writing essays ensure you read and understand the question before you begin writing.
Edit your work- there are tons of methods such as, reading aloud, cutting your essays into paragraphs, peer editing.
Creative writing does not have to be a trial, try using your own experiences as a basis for your work and remember that your readers can not picture what you are without sensory appeal, description and imagery.