Year 10 English

Welcome to English for 2013. Below you will find some resources to help with your assignments and study this year.

Here are some flash cards to help you revise for exams...

Parts/Figures of Speech and syntax

Sentence types: Try this link if you are uncertain about sentence types:

Junior English CAT revision

Short Stories

Dear Mr Cairney- Graham Lay

Below is the story itself- there are five pages to download.

Here are the worksheets we will be using:




Dear Ex-Dad- Jillian Sullivan

Below is the story incase you have lost your copy!

And those worksheets...



Here are some tips for the year:
Try and stay on top of your reading- if everyone has read a text it makes for better discussion and better learning.
No opinion or interpretation is wrong if you can back up your ideas with examples from the text.
Editing is important- try reading your work aloud or having someone else read you work.
If you are doing group activities put yourself in groups you feel you can work in- this does not mean with your friends, make smart choices- who will help you get the work done?